Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Package Has Arrived

Only a delay in posting this since I was not notified that the owl and package had in fact arrived yesterday when I came home from work. So... today I took my package with me to work to open and ended up with a small audience.

This is what was awaiting me when I opened the box. Look at all of the goodies and wrapped in fabulous Slytherin paper.

I received the Slytherin Pride Socks by Anne!!! Oh how I love these socks. I think they are absolutely beautiful. I need to get cracking on my fair isle skills. Once I have that tackled I look forward to working on those since they look super warm and I would love to show them off.

Some wonderful treats: my fav Ferrero, some cheerful looking chocolate frogs, and some very interesting looking elf candy (which I am looking forward to eating) :)

In the back you will see Twinkle, she doesn't bite but will eat coins. The small owl tin hold some lovely Slytherin stitch markers (which you will see in another picture). Some lovely owl erasers, paper, pen, and pencils. A tiny little owl- Minerva's owl can also be seen. It is a lovely and heavy figurine. I <3 all of the owls :)

Pictured here is the card (and wax seal) that was sent to me, a fantastic mini skein of Half Blood Prince colorway, some Soak, a crochet bookmark in Slytherin colors and the beads match the stitch markers, a lovely mini Slytherin journal, a view of the stitch markers (that are in the owl tin), and Salazar Slytherin's locket. I have another picture of the inside below - which did have me cracking up when I opened it myself.

 Told you so!!! Isn't it awesome!?!?!

Last but certainly not least... a keyhole scarf!!! It is made of some super soft wool and has the most awesome back story: Made of BFL that was sheared, spun, and dyed in Lizzie's home county. How amazing is that!!! And the yarn even came in Slytherin colors!!! I love it so much. I still cannot get over how soft it is- I'm talking possibly softer that Malabrigo soft people!!!

Thank you so very much Lizzie. I am sure you were quite worried about the owl and box since you mentioned it took over two weeks to arrive from when you shipped. I love absolutely everything and there were many praising comments from my co-workers as they watched me unwrap everything.