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I am currently working on knitting some sock yarn squares for what will eventually be my sock yarn blanket. I am not working on getting this done next week, next moth, though it may be done sometime next year. I am using miscellaneous sock yarn left overs to make the squares. This helps to enable me to make more pairs of socks so I have more left over bits to make the blanket.

I have read and heard from many knitters that sock yarn doesn't really count as stash. Well, my personal opinion is that if it is taking up space (and way more than I thought) it is indeed stash. I have been good and not bought new sock yarn for awhile. I have so many lovely skeins that I really need to go through before I even think of buying another skein of sock yarn.

Please have fun watching my progression through my stash of sock yarn being turned into... socks as well as other projects I complete. :)

I will post some pictures later today of the yarn I will be knitting the "Red Lace Socks" with for this month's Sock Knitter's Anonymous group.

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