Saturday, January 14, 2012

HSKS Incoming Package from Autunnnights

I just received my swap package. I tired and quite cold owl from Canada just barely made it to my doorstep this afternoon. Luckily the poor thing is now warming up near the heater of the reptile room.

Below is what was delivered.
 Three skeins of yarn. A lovely green cotton, a holiday berry, and some great flame colors in a nice soft sock yarn that might become some Fawkes socks. Also included was a tube of clear and white beads and some 10.5 wooden knitting needles.
 I received a knitted hat in a lovely purple. In this picture you can also see the painted tree ornament and a Gryffindor bookmark. Also included is a small package of wizardy charms.
Food stuff! Three different types of tea. I already tried the pumpkin spice and it is super delish. A thick candy cane. A tube of chocolates filled with scotch- mmmm. Also, some yummy green tea mochi.

Thank you very much for the lovely package.