Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh The Fun ;)

Well this week has been quite exciting...

It was awesome chatting with all of the campers at the Campfire on Tuesday. Unfortunately other campers have been causing some havok in our cabin. Thistle, Wisty's relative (how she can be related to her, I am not sure) set frogs lose in the cabin and I came in to find Zeus and Athena eating them. Why, I don't know because they have never eaten frogs before, and they were letting Lily May's spider Ollie boss them around. It was a sight to see, although kind of disgusting.

Wisty also had some mean pixies or something else that made a horrible mess or nest in some of her pretty yarn. Thistle was at it again. I swear one of these days Thistle will be walking around blue, purple, or perhaps even green ;) Keep a watch out for a colorful camper.
But in the mean time I am working on an anti-Thistle spell while Wisty is away.

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