Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Games Week 1

Part 1

10 things I brought to camp that begin with the letter C:
chamomile face mask
crochet hooks

Part 2
W1 - Allitrya Spelling (Peoria, IL) (closest person to me at 150 miles)
W2 - Hermoine Bagnold
W3 - Lily May Clearwater (Phoenix)
W4 - Casandra Crimsonchin
W5 - Penelope of Flitwick
I1 - Prendolyn the Weird
I2 - Gryphon the Great (3)
I3 - Lizzie Wychwood (Edinburgh)
I4 - Wisteria Lovegood (July)
I5 - Emma Wigworthy
N1 -
N2 - Piper Poplartree
N3 - Rowan Dragonsinger
N4 - Fleur Dolohov (piano)
N5 - Clara Clovenhoof (Chicago)
G1 - Bridget the Bloodthirsty
G2 - Luna Lovegood (391)
G3 - Patagonia Pinkstone
G4 - Intarsia Bindoff (dragon)
G5 - Emma Gorodok (German)
O1 - Helga Ze Horrid (Denmark)
O2 - Antionio de la Weasley
O3 - Quietus Snape (masks)
O4 - Cassandra Grubbly Plank
O5 -

Part 3

Spoiler - Lily May Clearwater - I am in awe of how many finished projects she has posted. While there were so many to choose from, my eyes were immediately drawn to her Slythering Snakes fingerless gloves that she made for her spoilee in HSKS6. They are so adorable! The snakes even have little tongues!

Spoilee - Wisteria Lovegood - Made an amazing Lucy bag for her HSKS5 spoilee. It was done in puffball colors, but she added stripes and an awesome fair isle border pattern around the top of the bag. Her alterations made the pattern look even cooler than it already is.

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