Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lily May's Owl has Arrived

Caution... Yummy goodness and kit pron to follow :)

The package that was waiting for me on the porch along with a patient owl that definitely needed some care after such a long (and fast) journey.
Look at this adorable bag!!! There are three zippered compartments which all had goodies waiting inside for me. I can't believe how much she was able to cram in here ;) I think Hermoine must have put a charm on it for everything to fit.
These were waiting in the front pocket (they were wrapped of course, but I couldn't wait). The pen has a cute blue floral pattern on it. I also got a set of Slytherin stitch markers that I absolutely loooove. And look at that bracelet!!! Absolutely gorgeous blue and green beads that are so tiny. I love it so much. I have been trying to master that stitch, perhaps one day I will be able to :)
This is what was waiting in the middle pocket. Look at all the nummy treats. Mmmmm :)
When I unwrapped everything, I have a very nice set of dpn needles. I have been having trouble mastering these. But I really can't wait until I can and make soooo many more things. The hard candies are so nummy. I have already sampled a few. She also sent me some strawberry Chewits. I haven't ever had these before. But I can't wait to try them. And look at that cute journal with supply pictures on it. I love journal books. I always have one with me in my purse.

And this is what was waiting in the back zippered pouch. More candy, :) some mini sharpie markers, two balls of super soft and beautiful yarn, and patterns for berets!!! Now I really need to get better at my knitting techniques so that I can make these. :D

Inside that wrapped package was this beautiful shawl!!! Look at how amazing it is :) This looks like it is made of the same yarn that I was sent for the berets. I can't get over just how gorgeous it is. I can't wait to wear it out this Saturday.

Here is a closer look at the super soft beautiful yarn. The color is truly lovely :) The patterns are Springtime in Philadelphia, but the two are are a bit different in their designs. I just looked at some fo's on Ravelry and they look so amazing. I can't wait until I am able to make myself one.

Here is my entire kit. Thank you so very much Lily May!!! I completely love everything, you have really spoiled me! :D I am looking forward to showing off the beautiful shawl and making myself one of these beautiful berets once my knitting is up to par (which I really need to act on once I find a good lys with some classes).
Lily May you totally rock!!! :D


  1. WOW! That looks amazing! I want to reach out and pet the yarn, but all I'm hitting is a computer monitor...::sigh:: Pet it for me! :)

  2. She made you a shawl?! OMG, that is above and beyond the call of duty! What a lucky, lucky witch you are.

  3. Hermoine- I am completely fondle happy with this yarn. It is sooooo nice. If sheep totally felt like this (without all the wool processing) I would have one as a pet so I could cuddle with it at night. lol

    Lizzie- I know!!! tell me about it! she was saying that she was having problems with what she was making but I woul never have guessed that she was making a shawl!!! I was stunned when I unwrapped that package.

  4. Glad it all arrived safely! It isn't really a shawl even though it is relatively big. It's actually Springtime bandit, hence why you have two patterns for matching hats to go with it. The yarn is the same as the bandit, you can make another bandit with a ball and a bit, or a million hats! Figured I'd send the same stuff just so you could be matching (not that you hae to .

    Haven't mastered DPNS???? Shocking, they are lovely. I have to say I like them more than circulars for socks and stuff. The only time I use circulars are for the shawls and blankets.

    Hope there is something in there to amuse you and for you to use. I hope the bracelet fits!

    I'm in the process of making bandit for myself. I haven't made one mistake with it and I'm about finished! Goes to show I was just dumb when I was doing yours. Mind there are no mistakes!

  5. What a wonderful kit - I love the stitchmarkers Lily May makes - a real talent. And OMG, the 'bandit' looks fantastic!!