Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Boring Post...

Let's see what has happened this week...

I had high hopes of going to an awesome party area of Chicago for Halloween with my friend. Unfortunately plans fell through. I could say plenty more but I will just leave it at that. Any plans that I do make on Halloween seem to fall through. It has been that way for years. I swear I have been cursed on what I consider my "new year". So instead of going out and having fun, I retired to the basement away from the ringing of the doorbell, that I let my parents answer. I had to get as far away from the doorbell because everytime it rings, my heart jumps (even if I know it is going to ring) and my heart is in a tricky state as it is. So no use trying to make it stop sooner than it should.

My car, Isis, is starting to die. It's sad because even though she is technically my second car, I have had her the longest and I got her when she was brand new back in 2002. I can't believe I have had her for seven years. I also can't believe just how much traveling I have done with her. I got her while I was living in Florida and she has been with me all through my moving including when I was living out in New Mexico. Ahhh those super long rides out in the desert, how I miss them so. Sadly, her breaks, spark plugs, wires, air filter, oil, O2 sensor, belts (which I found out are the original ones) need to all be fixed or replaced. And all costing way more money than I have. And because of this predicament I will be stranded in this prison of a town that I am living even more than I already am due to lack of a vehicle.

Thursday was fun. We actually got to finish three games of quidditch before we were rained out. I swear this Fall, if you can count on anything it is that it will rain on Thursday evening (when we have quidditch games scheduled). Oh well, it is still tons of fun even though we are out in the freezing rain and slipping and sliding around in the mud. Our matches this week were Ravagers vs Falcons, Falcons vs Hemlock, and Ravagers vs Hemlock. We (my team, the Ravagers) beat the Falcons easy-peasy. Their seeker is quite slow which makes us laugh because the snitch loves to taunt him. Unfortunately we lost to the Hemlocks. Their team is quite good and even though our chasers were scoring quite well against their team and our keeper did an excellent job of blocking their attempts, their seeker is one tough little bugger and ended up winning the game.

Well that is all I have to say... I could ramble on about my lovely MBA class having a group project due this weekend (lovely) but I will stop.



  1. Must be the week for 2002 year cars. Just had to trade in our 2002 Grand Prix because the trans was failing. Really sweated making that trip to my son's Senior Night!

    Our Halloween New Year was quiet as well with Joe recovering from his pneumonia. But at least he's getting better


  2. I hope your new car it treating you better and is more than up to the journey to visit loved ones. Mine is getting worked on soon. Why can't there be a bill fairy that takes care of unwanted bills? That would be so very nice. ;)

    I hope all is well with you