Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wants to go the way of the bear and hibernate!!!

Well this has been some week... There is proof that I did things but it feels way too much like one reaaaaallly long day just ran together with a few small intermittent naps. I have no idea where the time has gone, I really don't. I swear I got stuck in some time-space continuum and just stepped out with nearly a week elapsing. Wtf!

Class is going well. Is it done yet? Sadly, no. I still have a bit over two weeks left of class before the holiday break. This coming week is a "group" project which so far it seems our group is quite dysfunctional. Joy.

I ran to the store a bit ago to get more yarn for my spoilee's item. I ran out of yarn and after everything I hope it fits nicely. At some point in time I think I will make it for myself.

I have two three packages to get out in Monday's mail. I will post an edit to this with more info on Monday.

Turkey day was... turkey day... not too thrilling although the Packers won (my dad's team so yay)

Our xmas tree is up which means... it is now the Nightmare Before Christmas at home. Halloween should be everyday (imo) and here it nearly is ;)

Okay well I am off to bed to wake up before dawn so that I can get my homework done tomorrow. (My typical Sunday routine.)


 The three packages are on their way. One is headed to Minerva Lovegood and the other two are care packages to my wonderful assistant captain, Rowan and Perenelle, who is still recovering from surgery.

And here is our tree: -- Click on it to see it larger.

And here are just a few things that can be found on the tree:

And the inspiration for my tattoos :

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