Friday, April 16, 2010

An Awesome and Unexpected Parcel from the Post...

I heard this faint tapping on the screen/glass door just a bit ago and when I opened it I found an owl with an unexpected box for me. Needless to say, I was quite intrigued...

Sure enough, no problems locating me ^_^ where else would I be? In one of the towers... ha yeah right! :)
The package came from Z. Fafnir Lovecraft, a fellow Slytherin in HPLBOE that I sent an RAOK to.

As I began unwrapping the items from the box, something in there smelled so lovely so I had to unwrap faster to find it ;)

The first items to catch my eyes were the yarn!!! YARN!!! A great skein of cotton (of which I have one skein of already, but this second skein means... MARKET BAG! woo hoo :D and that is what it will become.
The next skein couldn't come at a better time because just this morning I came across a pattern that I had put in my favorites quite some time ago, but after drooling over it today, I realized I didn't have the yarn for it... then this package came. So this gorgeous black lace yarn will soon be making its way to becoming the Bat Shawl! Woo hoo!!! Wa na na na na na na na na Bat Shawl will be gracing my back later this year!
I finally got to the nummy smell and it ended up being a bar of rosemary and lavender shampoo! I love bar shampoo. They really are easier to travel with, I mean who wants to haul bottles around when you are camping or at Burning Man ^_^  Along with the nummy smell was also packed some nummy tasting caramel and ginger candies!!! Squee :D
And last but not least, a teacup/coffee cup and saucer! Awesome!!! I am not so much of a tea fan, but I do love doing tea leaf readings (tasseography)- odd combo I know. So it will be put to use :)

Again, thank you so very very much Z. for this completely surprising package! I love everything that you sent and cannot wait to use/ eat/ cast on with what you sent ^_^

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