Monday, February 16, 2009

My Trip to the Owlery

These adorable little fluff balls were abandoned by their mother. They find comfort having their pseudo mom (the stuffed owl) around. They are being lovingly raised so that they can carry the post when they get older.

Don't you just want to smush them??? :)
Hedwig was there. Such a pretty owl.

These adorable owls are getting rehabbed at the moment. Unfortunately they will probably not be up to the task of any deliveries in the future. Both of them lost an eye from predators. The darker grey one also has a broken wing. They are getting good care and gaining weight that they lost do to their ailments and not being able to get prey.

Unfortunately, my owl Stig, was not in the owlery. He is out delivering my package to Hermoine Bagnold for Dueling round one. I hope he gets there swiftly and safely.


  1. And I hope my owl, Persephone, beats Stig in delivery time!!! LOL

  2. those little owlets are so adorable... I just wanna hug 'em.