Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early Xmas Present

Today I got my grade for a super tough and intensive course that has plagued me for the past 5 weeks. The subject matter wasn't exactly mind bending but the fact that there wasn't a break in between the previous class and this most recent class made my brain want to cry. However I am happy to say that I have passed through the class with a 97.5% and maintaining my lovely 4.0 gpa. Only one more class to go that starts January 4th. I am so looking forward to February 7th, my graduate degree program will be completed at that time.

Now I need to find myself a job. I am really up for moving anywhere although I would love to land on the northeast or northwest coasts somewhere. Let the MBA job hunting begin. I have until August when my loans will be wanting to get repaid. Wish me luck :)

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