Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Owl is Off...

Well, at least soon. The post isn't open just yet, but today Stig will be taking off and heading his way to Cassandra with some delightful gifts. I would have gotten the package out much earlier than the deadline, in fact I had hoped on it, but this class as well as other life goings on just seemed to snowball. But I am happy to say that everything is completed, and ready to go. I hope that she enjoys the crocheted and knitted items. Yes, you heard right, knitted as well. I decided to test out my newly regained knitting skills by doing a couple of simple items. Okay... I will supplement this later. Right now I am off to work on my final class assignment before holiday break (which is due tomorrow). And later I have a birthday party for my friend, so I have yummy yarn to wind as well.

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