Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Things that I have done and tid bits about me...

N1 - I have been on a train. The Metra (commuter train) to Chicago and all around the Chicago suburbs. I have also been on the El (Chicago above and underground mass transit) and the Subway in NYC.
G1 - I love Claudia Handpainted, and Malabrigo (who doesn't )
O1 - I can speak French, German, and Spanish although I am more adept as reading them.
O2 - I currently have 313 items in my queue.
W3 - My patronus is a Phoenix.
I3 - My collection would have to be yarn and books. I am an avid reader, so my library is a nice size.
N3 - I have a hat like Prof. McGonagall, I have wands made of paper, oak, birch, and metal (my lovely crochet wands).
O3 - I do make stitch markers, though they tend to be either for my use or with kits. I don't sell them (yet).
G4 - I have played quidditch away from the computer and over land. We have a team in the area I live in.
O4 - Yes, this is true.
W5 - This is my 5th HSKS.
I5 - I have been on multi-day camping excursions for Burning Man and while living in New Mexico.
N5 - I play trumpet and piano.
G5 - My birth month is July.
O5 - I brought Stig, my owl and Hades, my snake to summer camp.

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