Thursday, August 5, 2010

Work Joy and Computer Woe

This week I started my new job. I have two weeks of training and then I am set loose amongst the masses. My position is Student Advisor which means that I am the person that someone works with and contacts with any questions once they have gotten beyond their initial class. The Student Advisor is with them through to graduation. I am looking forward to it, but like anything else... it can be stressful.

This week has basically been nothing but information getting thrown at us in hopes that we can accurately answer everything in our end of the week exam (which happens to be tomorrow).

Oh boy Thursday was a great day... or at least it was until I came home from work. I was all ready to hide some wonderful water balloons for campers to find... and my computer said, "no". Something is wrong with it all around. It won't get on the internet (IE or Safari), the browsers just won't open at all. To top that off my computer doesn't want to hibernate or even shut down. It just does nothing and sits there.

So... now I am on my old laptop which I haven't used in a few years. This thing works, but it is outdated and heavy. Oh well, it gets the job done, right?

I am really hoping that I do well on this test tomorrow since it will reflect on how my training will continue for next week.

The only downside to this job is the distance. I am driving about an hour and a half each way... which means three hours on the road in addition to the nine at work. By the time I get home I cam completely beat and there isn't much time before I am off to bed. I am really hoping to move into an area close to work before winter... really really hoping.

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