Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kit From Celestina

According to the house elf, my kit arrived sometime on Friday. Luckily they were kind enough to bring the parcel as well as the owl inside while I was away. I may be Slytherin, but I still treat them well. When I came home from the fair on Saturday evening I opened up the kit and squeed the entire time I was unpacking it. Sadly, I was completely exhausted so the pictures and blogging had to wait until today.

This is the kit all laid out for all to see :D I completely love it all!!!

Some wonderful yarn to make a fantastic Slytherin hat!!! I really need to make myself some hats since I do enjoy wearing them. Here is the perfect opportunity.

Look at the lovely owl pouch! This is coming with me to the Ministry of Education tomorrow. Inside the wee owl was a Slytherin sticker, some Harry Potter trading cards, yummy chocolates in House colors (yes, some are missing from this picture... I couldn't help myself), some wizardry buttons, and this tin which has a surprise inside (you will see it soon).

Told you, you would see it soon. ;)  The buttons and thread are actually magnets in Hogwarts house colors! How awesome is that!!! These will also be going to the Ministry of Education tomorrow as well.

Here is another wonderful picture of this delightful owl which is just too adorable for words! He really is quite soft and squishy :)

These were also inside the little owl. Sadly they escaped the picture above. They are little buttons!!! Too adorable! I can't wait to find the perfect place to use them.

This picture came out quite dark, but the green is really lovely and vibrant. A perfect color for these Slytherin socks. I have found a love for knitting socks and I think these might just be queued in next :) The yarn is so soft and lovely; I am really looking forward to knitting with it.

Again, thank you so very much for everything Celestina!!! This kit is amazing! You totally spoiled me this summer! :D

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