Saturday, September 25, 2010

HSKS12 Week 2 Blogging

What 5 things would you not leave home without if you were going into hiding or running away and WHY.

My number one thing to take if I was going into hiding or running away would be a Time Lord. I mean, how useful would that be? One minute we are here, then the next we hop in the Tardis and land on some distant planet, some alternate universe, or somewhere in the past or future. Talk about the perfect dream to hide or run away.  (And who wouldn't want a dreamy and quirky companion like him to travel with and bring about excitement in your fleeing pursuits.)
My second thing to take would be a bag with an undetectable extension charm to fit all the rest of my items. This could be way too useful and make carrying a plethora of items around.

My third thing would be a small library of books to read along my travels as well as knitting and crochet books and patterns. I love to read and would be great at occupying time while running away or hiding from others.

My fourth thing would be my roll of circular needles,  DPNs, and crochet hooks for all my knitting or crochet needs. You have to craft somehow ;)

My fifth thing would be as much yarn as I could stash inside my bag. The top of my stash would have to be Malabrigo in all yarn weights.

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