Thursday, June 3, 2010

Books!!! Squee :D

If you have seen my Shelfari virtual bookshelf, you know that I like to read. Well this past month has been no different. I read the five books of Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series. From there I moved onto the two books of the Alpha and Omega series, which is an off shoot of the Thompson series. I love these (obviously). The characters are amazing, the plot moves, and the books leave you fulfilled but wanting more.

I also read the new Vampire Academy book. I really do love this series but I hate how they just end and then you have to wait 6-12 months for the next one to get released. The books move along beautifully but BAH I hate the waiting game!

Hunted - from The House of Night series follows the same suit. This book was probably the most stagnant and whiny of the series so far. I really enjoyed the others, but this one just felt dead for the most part. I will read the next one too simply for the fact that like with VA, it just cut off! Ooooh it really is frustrating.

I read Club Dead (book 3 Sookie Stackhouse series) in about 12 hours. That book was so nummy. I have read the series, but I wanted to re-read book 3 since Season 3 will be starting on the 13th. I just didn't exactly expect to read through it that fast. I am re-reading book 4 right now.

The next book I am super excited to read is Bullet from the Anita Blake series. It just came out on the 1st and I have not picked it up yet. However I have read a bit about the book through the writer's blog. I am thrilled that Anita will be back in St. Louis. This means that there will  be more of Jean Claude and Asher (yummy) in this book! About time :) The past few books she was away from the city on her own escapades. While those books were fabulous, I missed the guys.

And then at the end of this month the fifth Blue Bloods month... oh I can't wait to read that book. The series is a completely different but interesting twist on vampirism.

Okay... enough book talk for now ;)

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  1. I love Patricia Briggs! Mercy is one of my favourite female urban fantasy leads right now. I'm also a huge Sookie fan too :-) A good series I ate up recently is Maria V. Snyder's Study and Glass series. I love the world and characters she created. I'm reading her newest standalone YA book Inside Out and enjoying it a lot.