Sunday, June 20, 2010

Food I made for True Blood Episode 2

This week I decided to try out some new recipes. The orange rolls are more of a breakfast item, but I think they sound fantastic anytime of the day. They are in fact absolutely delightful.

The second item I made was S'mores cupcakes. This recipe has a graham cracker bottom with some grated chocolate on top of that, then comes the chocolate cake batter and is topped with more graham cracker crumbs. After everything is all baked, you top it with some homemade marshmallow.

Fresh out of the oven!!!

Waiting for the topping.

Topped with yummy marshmallow sweetness.

I had too much batter so I made some mini chocolate cupcakes.

And like everything else I made, I had way too much of the marshmallow mixture so I topped the mini cupcakes as well.

 And I still had more to use, so I dropped it on some paper for quick divinity.

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