Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Blood Ep 3

Pros - You get to see Alcide and he is quite adorable
Cons - A majority of the remainder of the episode

I love Talbot and his... umm... persuasion. He brought much more humor to the previous episode but was still great. Can Jason quit seeing bullet holes in everyone's head, please? Really, this isn't needed and is yet another unnecessary stretch away from the book. Eric, Jessica, Lafayette, and Pam... I love you more than bunnies on fire!!! The characters and the actors that play them rock hard.

Another con... this was a weak episode all around and you show this before a break??? Seriously??? When you take a break in a show, you should leave viewers wanting and craving more! Episode 2 would have been a great place for a break because it had humor, great plot movement, and an awesome cliffhanger for the next week. Episode 3 just seemed jumbled, excess, and left you with a blah/ meh feeling. And we have two weeks of that blah feeling to stew with. Not good! This is all because of the holiday (July 4th) there is no new episode, so instead they will be playing the 2 great episodes and 1 bleh episode as filler until it returns on the 11th.

And the ending... really??? seriously??? NO NO NO!!! I would have been much happier if they would have kept to the book as to how Bill ends up in Mississippi. I cannot stand Lorena, but I would have been much happier with her torturing Bill (like it is in the book) rather than both of them being guests of the King and  milling around and... doing that at the end of the episode!!! Was it really necessary? Absolutely not! And it is something I do not think I can erase from my mind.

I hope they put some awesome things to keep us interested during the break either on HBO's site or Jessica's blog. Oooh maybe Jessica can have Pam over for a girly night in and blog/ vlog it. That would be fantastic!!!

In other news, for this episode, I made blueberry coffee cake. Sadly, I did not get a picture of it because it was eaten that fast. Plus I was having a bad reaction to a pain pill so I was feeling quite under the weather at that point.

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