Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Blood Party!!!

So... as many of you (at least those that know me on Facebook) know I threw a Season 3 premier party on Sunday for True Blood. Yes I am a geek and I take pride in that moniker! Below are some pictures of the food that I made. But I do love how the goodies turned out and everything was yummy. My friends that joined me laughed at how much I did for just a simple gathering, but I really enjoyed going through all the fuss. I can be artsy in a pinch and love doing simple but memorable things.

Here are some pictures...

Fangbanger cupcakes!!!
 Here is a better pic at the pictures I used to decorate them.

Blood and Chocolate cookies

Yes even the cookies had some promo pictures to decorate them ;)
 And a picture of the spread (minus the chocolate covered strawberries)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On a separate and unrelated note... my owl, Stig, who has been patiently waiting for me to finish wrapping and placing everything the box, will be taking flight tomorrow morning to deliver a kit to Madam Ferula McGonagall. Yes, it is way past the time I had set out to get it in the mail, but my personal life sort of spiraled and got super chaotic for a bit. Things are better, but could be greatly improved.

Anyways... here is a preview ;)

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