Thursday, March 5, 2009

Have You Seen This Owl?

This is Hermoine Bagnold's owl Persephone. I fear something has happened to her. For all those in the midwest keep an eye out for her. Her travel has brought her from as far away as Italy. I am sure she is completely exhausted. If anyone spots her, kindly see to her needs and send her on her way so she can complete her delivery. Getting lost has given me the win for dueling round one, but I hope she is okay. Please, if anyone sees her let me or Hermoine know. We are both worried about her.

Thank you,



Persephone just arrived bringing me a beautiful hat and some delicious Ritter Sport chocolates (some aleady eaten when picture was taken... they are just too nummy) Here is a picture of what was sent. Persephone is completely tired. I am keeping her overnight so she will be fed and rested before returning to Hermoine.

Thanks for everything Hermoine!


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  1. Poor, poor Persephone! She was so tired when she came home! She must have gotten lost along the way...I'm glad you like the chocolates and hat! :)