Saturday, March 21, 2009

More RAOKs In the Making

I have two awesome RAOK packages that are going to be taking flight soon. I'm not sure if Stig is going to take both packages. The recipients are at opposite ends of the country. I might have to call in some extra help from the post for these. Stay tuned for details and pictures!

Update! 3/26 - 1pm

The packages took off from the post on Tuesday. They should reach their destinations by Saturday, or Monday at the latest... hopefully.

3/26 - 5pm

I just checked status of my packages. The one heading to the west coast is still in transit. The one that headed to the east coast has landed at the city post. It should hopefully be delivered today, if not tomorrow.


The west cost package arrived as well. Those owls are really fast :) Queen Frysia's arrived and another fellow Slytherin should have a package at her doorstep as well.


I am so happy to hear that Lav DD's package also arrived. I always get nervous once the owls leave my sight. Now I know they made their deliveries safely, I can almost relax. Won't be done relaxing until they are back at the owlery though.

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