Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gift From My Spoiler

While Elladora was traveling to and from Edinburgh to meet up with Lizzie, Emma G., Emma W., Hermoine, and Lily she collected some things to send to me. :)

Yes the package of the Kagifretli is open ;) I couldn't help it. They are so nummy!!! She also sent chocolate frogs, but said she decided to keep the cards for herself. I got some awesome pins from Scotland. They rule! The beautiful green sock yarn has aloe vera in it. How cool is that! The sock yarn also came with thread to sew (or repair). I think I might use the yarn to make the no purl Monkey socks. And she also sent a groovy Slytherin worthy bank. And just like the store (or Slytherins) once you give it money, you don't get it back. Perhaps the money automatically gets deposited into Gringotts. I absolutely love everything!!! Thank you so much Elladora :)

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