Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Part 2 of My Package

I got a Vogue knitting magazine with some amazing and inspiring patterns inside. Ella also sent me two books. I love to read and these two books are right up my alley. The cool thing is that the books get registered and when you are done reading, you pass them along to someone else... or at least that's what I gathered from the tag inside. I haven't checked out the website yet.
Look at all the wonderful goodies. I got some firewhiskey chocolate.... mmmm ;) There's the cute card with the little knitting sheep (look below). A multi inked pen. Some adorably awesome ducky index tabs for marking pages. (They are almost too cute to use) I also got a neat puzzle like post card of Taiwan. There is also a cool plastic Slytherin Crest ( it is in the picture just a bit hidden). Do you see what else there is??? Slytherin colored paper clips!!! How cool is that!

An adorable close up of the knitting sheep on the card that came in my package. I absolutely love it :)
Thank you SSSSSSSOOOO much Elladora!!!! Everything is absolutely fabulous! I am in the process of casting on my first pair of socks with the lovely green and silver sock yarn. I can't wait to wear them when they are done.


  1. So glad you got spoiled well, since you put together that awesome kit yourself! Good for you!

  2. wooowzers that is some kit she put together for you!!!

    I think I see Cass trying to take your candy.

  3. i agree the duckies are too cute to use. glad you liked everything.

  4. What a great kit Ella. I love the cards you send - always beautiful and so appropriate. Well done!

    And congratulations Moion getting such a fantastic haul!