Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stig will be taking flight!!!

Monday Stig will be taking flight from the post headed to Kaae in Denmark. I may need to hire a second owl if everything does not fit in one box. Tracking numbers... well customs numbers will be posted later so you can hopefully keep track of my little owl. I am sure he will be exhausted when he arrives to Kaae.

Should I post a teaser picture for you to oogle? I have some pictures of all the lovely gifts all wrapped and ready to go.

As always... Watch for updates ;)

Update 4/15

Everything managed to fit in one box. Although my owl Stig was unable to carry it. He was just too small for the package. Instead it's being delivered by a lovely bird named Mara. Feel free to check her flight through USPS tracking code CP987257951US. Poor Mara has to fly all the way to Denmark although she should be there before the end of this month. Although the post says 6-10 days, you never know.

Update 4/16

Mara left the country with her package to Kaae around 6am this morning. I hope she doesn't run into any problems while crossing the ocean. Hopefully she takes a rest somewhere in the EU once she reaches land again.

Update 4/21

Mara has touched down in Denmark at 8:15 this morning. I'm not sure, but that is probably Kaae's local time so hopefully she should be getting the package when she arrives home today. :) Or maybe with the time difference, she already has!!!

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