Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Just Got My Package from Ella!!!

A beautiful Slytherin Crest. Absolutely awesome! :)
Here is my package in its entirety. Oogle it and take in its splendor ;) Ella certainly did spoil me well! I love absolutely everything!!!! :D Thank you so very much!
I got 4 balls of sock yarn! Woo hoo! Now I can get cracking on my first pair of socks. I love the colors of both types. The one has blues and greens and I think it is the self striping kind ;) The second set is way greener than it appears in the photo. In fact, it is a perfect Slytherin green with a hint of grey spun into it. Once I finish this post I am going to cast on my first pair of socks using this yarn :) The circ is just the perfect size to use the magic loop. Wish me luck!!! ;)Look at the pretty Slytherin color bags. Not only did I get 1, but I got 3 awesome project bags. They are just the perfect size to stuff in a WIP and toss in my purse so that my wallet doesn't attach itself to my yarn... yeah that has happened before.

There was so much... I had to turn this into two posts! Continue reading below...

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