Friday, April 3, 2009

Calm in the Eye of the Storm

This past week has been interesting. Last weekend, I finally moved and Monday was spent cleaning my apartment. You know the fun cleaning - dusting, vaccuuming, mopping, washing everything. To top it all off this has all been happening during class. I still have to do this week's homework. joy. And this weekend, I need to make sense of the boxes that are packed so that things are put away. And my room (as well as most of the house) stops looking like a storage unit.

The ducks came back to our pond, these are the same ones that we have had for the past three years. These ducks were sweet, they knew who we were and would come close to you when you went outside. Then a few days ago I noticed another male on top of the neighbor's house. This is where all the trouble began. Yesterday morning there was a fight in our pond between three males. Since then I have not seen our mated pair. Yesterday afternoon a pair was in the pond, but it was not the usual one because they acted like they didn't know me. (the regular ones, see me and practically come running towards me) This morning there is just another lone male in the pond. I wish our backyard and pond did not become a territory argument. I miss our bonded pair. I really hope that they come back soon.

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