Thursday, July 16, 2009

Events of the week

Well this week has certainly gone by in a flash. I have been working on finishing two afghans. One for myself which needs to be done at the end of this month and the other for my cousin's wife who is having a baby and the shower is at the beginning of August. Oh such fun.

And then...

Tuesday I met up with a friend and we went roaming around for awhile then headed out to the library and a bookstore. Odd places to find a Slytherin, I know. But what can I say, one of my best friends is a Ravenclaw. And oddly enough I know my way around the library and am able to search for things better than he is. lol

Wednesday I went and had fun with the horses. I rode Candle for awhile. It has been nearly ten years since I have been riding and was the third time I have ridden in my entire life. I have mostly dealt with the large draft horses that were for working in one way or another. Needless to say, my butt and thighs are kicking today.

After riding, we worked with the babies a bit to get them better accustomed to people. They are weaned and no longer with their mums. We have been trying to get them to not be as skittish. Yesterday it seems after working with them for hours that we accomplished that. Even as far as being able to walk them on a lead out of their pen, down the long driveway and onto the country road. During their walk we were teaching them simple commands like walk, stop, back, and just getting used to being led and touched. These are the two babies: Flicker and Sammy (the pics are from when they were much smaller)

Lucky me that this weekend is the Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival. Woo hoo fibery goodness as birthday presents :) lol This will be my very first fiber festival! I can't wait!!! I am going on Friday alone to browse and squish and possibly squee... oh who are we kidding, there most definitely will be squeeing, especially since animals will be there :D

There is going to be a spinning guild that is somewhat near me in attendance there so I am taking my new spindle, roving to practice with, and some pretty purple roving in hopes that I can start spinning myself some yarn.

And... in honor of some good old Slytherin Pride... I painted my nails our pretty house colors.

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  1. OMgosh, I want ur roving!! Even though I wouldn't be able to do anything with it. I just want it. LOL
    Love the nails too, I need to get myself some yellow and black for the movie 2mrw nite.