Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HP: LBOE Homework 7/21


Character Number: 6
Six represents harmony, friendship, and family life. Sixes are loyal, reliable, and loving. They adapt easily. They do well in teaching and the arts, but are often unsuccessful in business. They are sometimes prone to gossip and complacency.

Heart Number : 7
Perceptive, understanding, and bright, sevens enjoy hard work and challenges. They are often serious, scholarly, and interested in all things mysterious. Originality and imagination are more important than money and material possessions. Sevens can also be pessimistic, sarcastic, and insecure.

Social Number: 8
Eight indicates the possibility of great success in business, finance, and politics. Eights are practical, ambitious, committed, and hard working. They can also be jealous, greedy, domineering, and power-hungry. Eight is said to be the most unpredictable of numbers and can indicate the pinnacle of success or the depths of failure; the potential to go either way is present from the beginning.

This is a seven pointed star that represents my heart number. I would have done it in black, but the stitches would have been more difficult to see. My favorite trait of a seven is pessimistic (not everyone's favorite, I know). I represent this aspect quite well. I am not overly pessimistic, but always someone that points out the reality of a theory.
The Moon (as in Earth's Moon)
First off why does Earth's only natural satellite have no other name than "the moon"? Other celestial bodies have proper names for their satellites such as Saturn's Titan, Jupiter's Io, or even Mars' Phobos; but Earth only has Moon. However the term "moon" is used to describe these natural satellites revolving around the other planets. Okay, off of my soap box and onto some information.

I chose the moon because I am a Cancer, astrology wise, and am "ruled" by the moon. The moon completes an orbit around the Earth every 27.3 days, and with the Earth orbiting around the sun at the same time, it takes around 29.5 days for the same phase of the moon to repeat itself for us to see on Earth. Confusing, I know. Although I was always told the moon completes a cycle in 28 days.

* The moon also holds the key to the oceans tides through it's gravitational force on the Earth.
* The phrase "once in a blue moon" comes from the unusual happening of having two full moons occur within a month. The second full moon is called a "blue moon". Later this year the blue moon will occur on December 31. The next blue moon will be on August 31, 2012.

The New Moon - For starting new ventures, looking for a new job, beginning new relationships
The Waxing Moon - For constructive spells: love, wealth, health, luck, and other things that need time to grow
The Full Moon - The best time to look to the future. Spells concerning divination and forecasting. This is also a time to put protection spells into effect. Also the best time to allow your tools to soak in the power of the full moon
The Waning Moon - Time for banishment as well as binding. A time to kick addictions, rid yourself of struggles and troubles.

My "triple goddess" kerchief for Pagan Pride coming up. The blue represents the waxing, full, and waning moons.

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