Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happenings at Camp

Yesterday I took a fantastic hike around the camp at dusk. I ended up wandering around and found out there there is a group of about 20 hot guys camping across the lake from us. While I am pretty sure that they are muggles, they are still quite steamy. I plan on sneaking out visiting our camping neighbors. I want to make sure they feel "at home and welcome". ;)

In other news, I am working hard at finishing my house unity blanket. It is coming along nicely, just taking more yarn than I thought for the border color. I think I am going to have to send a letter to my parents to send an owl with more yarn. I am really looking forward to having this blanket adorn my bed here.

Athena and Zeus are having a blast here at camp. They love playing on my bed and in my yarn. No they aren't making a mess! I think they just like nuzzling against the soft yarn.

I am also working on compiling goodies for my inner-cabin spoilee Wisteria. ;) I also have an owl on its way here right now with prizes for my fellow campers. As soon as the owl arrives, the pretty goodness will be given to Piper and Violet.

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