Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Care of Magical Creatures
1. What are two magical creatures that are kept as domestic pets in magical households?
Owls and cats
2. What creature resembles a ferret?
3. Are unicorn babies- a. Pink b. Green c. Blue d. Gold
d. gold
4. Name 4 breeds of dragons.
Chinese Fireball
Peruvian Vipertooth
Ukranian Ironbelly
Norbert - Norwegian Ridgeback
5. What are the magical properties of a phoenix?
Potent healing qualities from their tears, can carry great weight when flying, immune to a Basilisk's stare, disappear and reappear at will, song can inspire or bring fear to enemies

This little guy is Coal. He at one time used to be a adorned with lovely shaggy black/ blue fur. Unfortunately he got into some trouble when a witch (that shall remain nameless) hit him (accidentally) with an incendio spell. Luckily i put him out in time before more harm was done, but my poor little Coal only has remnants of some stray hair sprouting on his blackened body. He gets quite scared around anything lit, flashes, and flickers. He looks so scared in this picture because he knew there would be a flash, the poor little guy. Even though he has had a traumatic experience, he is just as lovable as ever.

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