Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HSKS8 Activity #5

My camera battery finally died and at the moment I can not locate the charger. Lovely muggle devices. If I do find it and get a chance to take all new pics before the game is up... I will :) However the source is listed, some were taken by me and others I found online.
1. Animagus
- I found this animagus strutting about in the Brookfield Zoo. They are loud and annoying but so pretty.
* Taken at the zoo in 2007
2. Daily Prophet
- They need your help!!!
* Found on photobucket
3. Bowtruckle
An elusive Bowtruckle hiding amongst the trees on Washington Island
* Taken in 2007
4. Extendable Ear
- A little dangling, spying ear
*Found on Potter wiki
5. Radish Earrings
- A pretty radish
* found through flikr
6. Forbidden Forest
- Washington Island, WI
* View from the ferry heading from the little island (Rock Island) to the big island (Washington Island) 2007

7. Golden Cherub
- Taken in Rockafeller Center
*I took this in 2000 when I lived in NYC

8. Thestral
- A picture of the Horntail, Aragog, and a Thestral at the Harry Potter Exhibit in Chicago
*from a newspaper

9. High Inquisitor
- A High Inquisitor - one of my former instructors. She knows how to put the fear in others.
*2007 Graduation
10. Educational Decree
- Me and a friend at graduation - Note the Diploma folder
*2007 Graduation

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